About Us

Pragya’s Professional Institute

Pragya’s Professional Institute aims at skill proficiencies and computer training. It’s a settler in providing a career oriented courses to young aspirants as per job market demand.

Enhancing the required skills amongst the youths based on present scenario of Job opportunities.

Providing practical Exposure.

Placement assistance after completion of the course under the umbrella of Job placement company Freelance Consulting Services.

Our Vision

To step into world’s largest learning platform for enhancing practical knowledge, in partnership with clients and academics

Why you should Choose Us?

Our Recognition depends on what value Contribution we do to Occupants and being an Organisation of the State, Today!

Placement assistance after completion of the course under the umbrella of their Parent Job placement company Freelance Consulting Services.

Providing practical Exposure and training besides theory and make the students job ready by the end of the course through interview tips and personality development.

Enhancing the required skills.

Our History

We have done a deep study on job market requirement and candidate quality and observed that there is a gap between the demand and supply. The job-providers (employers) prefer market ready candidates (employees), that is, the candidate should be ready from day 1 to perform and be result oriented. This is because it saves employers’ time to train the candidate which in turn saves the training cost as well.

It gives us immense pleasure to improve communication and interpersonal skills of an individual, greater self-acceptance and self-esteem, ability to change self-defeating behaviors/habits, better expression and management of emotions, including anger, relief from depression, anxiety or other mental health conditions, increased confidence and decision-making skills while on giving our best on practical training & counseling sessions.

Hence we have decided that we will take it as a challenge and upgrade individuals as per the market requirement by inculcating in them the required skill sets and by assisting those candidates with placement support.